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Welcome! At Tulare Regional Medical Center we are committed to providing you with the highest quality healthcare services in Central California. At Tulare Regional Medical Center our modern 112-bed, acute care facility provides a broad range of quality inpatient and outpatient services and programs for the whole family.

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Tulare Regional Medical Center welcomes new ER group

TULARE — A new physician group is staffing Tulare Regional Medical Center's Emergency Department.

On September 1, Tulare Regional Medical Center Emergency Medical Associates, Inc. assumed responsibility for the hospital's Emergency Department and will collaborate with hospital administration, nursing and medical staff to ensure emergency department services are of the highest quality and are provided in a timely and efficient manner.

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Mobile Health Clinic at Alpaugh Unified School District and Woodville St. Francis Church

Tulare Regional Medical Center is in its third and final year of the HRSA Rural Health Care Services Outreach Grant project.

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In a Mosul Hospital, Nothing Left but Scavengers and the ISIS Dead - Daily Beast

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20 hospitals with the most discharges - Becker's Hospital Review

This list is based on data from the American Hospital Directory. Data was accessed Jan. 30. In some cases, figures may include discharges from affiliated facilities that share a provider number with the main hospital. Those facilities are identified in ...

Froedtert Hospital plans $43 million expansion - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Less than 18 months after opening its Center for Advanced Care, Froedtert Hospital is seeking approval to add four floors to the building at a projected cost of $43 million. The Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Center for Advanced Care — a ...and more »

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